Join us between May and September and learn about the lifestyle and everyday doings at our working cattle ranch in Saskatchewan, Canada. See how we train our horses using natural horsemanship, and how we raise our cattle naturally at our eco-friendly ranch.

We have many different accomodation options for you to enjoy, all of them offering you access to our free wireless internet.

We are set in the beautiful Arm River valley conveniently located between Regina and Saskatoon, approx. 4 miles North of Aylesbury & 1 mile off highway.

Listen to the birds singing in the morning, just like if you were at the ranch!

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GPS N (+) 50.98866 ~ W (-) 105.71817


Enjoy your vacation in a secluded area with much wildlife to be seen and learn about pioneer and native history. See a buffalo rubbing stone or a buffalo jump. Enjoy a steak or chicken BBQ'd to perfection. Enjoy nightly bonfires, horseback riding, cattle drives, and so many more exciting adventures while on your stay.

Everyone is welcome!


Volunteer/Internship Program

If you are an experienced rider already, we offer an all around program which teaches volunteers and interns many skills, with an emphasis on how a guest ranch runs. This program includes education and duties in all aspects of running and maintaining a guest ranch. All Lodging , meals, instruction and horses will be included in this program. It is designed to be fun, challenging and educational. You will get to do things with horses you have always dreamed of, such as exciting trail and wagon rides in a wonderful working ranch environment. You will meet people from all over the world and get the chance to live around horses and cattle. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

If you've got no or little experience with horses, you will surely be interested in our Natural Horsemanship Internship Program.